Maserati Ghibli Car Rental


Car Specifications

  • Seats : 4
  • Luggage : 2 Suitcases / 2 Bags
  • Transmission : Automatic
  • Air Conditioning : Yes
  • Minimum Age : 25yrs

$ 595/Day

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Milani Exotic Car Rental is Atlanta’s Maserati Levante rental specialists. Between 1994 and 2013, Maserati had pulled out of the midsize luxury sedan market. Connoisseurs of Italian motor engineering were ecstatic when the company made its comeback with the exceptional Levante. Maserati has a longstanding reputation for quality that rivals that of its elite peers Ferrari and Lamborghini—in fact, the Levante’s 2,979 cc 60° V6 engine is a cooperative effort with Ferrari’s assembly division. Even if you’re no automotive expert, you’ll feel the difference its turbocharged cylinder bank, twin intercoolers and direct injection make.

You’ll feel the company’s proud tradition every time you lay eyes on their signature trident logo gleaming on the hood. And its meaning won’t be lost on anyone else either. People know that if you have the confidence and cashflow to pull off riding in a Maserati, you’re someone to be reckoned with. It’s the perfect way to take to the hot streets of Atlanta, where a certain amount of swagger can take you a long way.

Maserati Levante readily comes to mind in terms of prom activities, wedding car rentals, picture car rentals, photo shooting, video shooting, corporate car rentals, and chauffer services.

Milani Exotic Car Rental offers you the chance to take this dream car out for a spin without dropping $80,000+ for the fully-loaded model. Whether you’re on vacation or just want to make the right impression, we’re ready to make your Atlanta Maserati car rental experience a smooth ride. Pick up your Levante from our offices at DeKalb-Peachtree and Hartsfield-Jackson Airports, or contact us to arrange delivery throughout Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

How expensive is it to rent a Maserati Levante?

The cost ranges from $399 – $499 per day with a security deposit of $1000 – $1500 depending on the age of the renter is all that is needed. A rule of thumb for exotic car rental pricing is between 0.5% – 1% of the vehicle MSRP. The Maserati Levante is readily affordable for rental on the market especially at the Milani Exotic Car Rental.

Is it difficult to Drive the Maserati Levante?

Just like most modern cars we have today in the automobile world, you do not require any special training to drive a Maserati Levante because your already acquired driving skills is just enough to set you rolling. The Maserati is fully automatic and accelerates from zero – 60 mph under 5 seconds.

Why the Maserati Levante?

The Levante had unibody steel construction, with a conventional longitudinally-mounted, front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout. Suspension was of the MacPherson strut type at the front and semi-trailing arms at the rear, with coil springs, double-acting dampers and anti-roll bars on both axles. The differential and rear suspension arms were supported by a bushing-insulated subframe. It also featured ventilated disc brakes on all four wheels, and steering was servo-assisted rack and pinion.

The engine was the latest evolution of Maserati’s all-aluminum alloy, DOHC 4 valves per cylinder 90° V6 engine, fitted with water-cooled IHI twin-turbochargers and two air-to-air intercoolers, one per each cylinder bank. Weber-Magneti Marelli IAW electronic fuel injection and ignition system was used.

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